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Audience Feedback

'Rumpy Pumpy!' was a great occasion! I am Jean Johnson and to see myself being played by an actor is wonderful.  At times, it made me laugh and at other times I had a tear in my eye.  I'm sure it will be a great success and can only get better!' Jean Johnson, Hampshire Women's Institute Campaigner


'Brilliant!' Gloriously funny yet thought-provoking and sad.  All adults should see it.  Would love to see 'Rumpy Pumpy!' again on the West End Stage!' Wendy Ostler, Hampshire Women's Institute


'Funny, dynamic, moving.' Harriet Bane, Artist


'Could so see it on the West End stage.  Saw it three times and cried three times!'  

Alex Gamble, Film Editor


'A really tight show. Have watched it develop and can also see 'Rumpy Pumpy!' as a TV Series like the drama 'Band of Gold.' Caroline Sharman, Artistic Director, New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth


'Rumpy Pumpy!' has such heart!. Really, really enjoyed it and it's been a pleasure to work on this Musical and see it develop.  Barbara Jane Mackie has done so well here.'  Jane Deitch, Casting Agent


'Rumpy Pumpy!' is a brilliant Musical that has you laughing and crying but also addresses some serious, hard-hitting issues.  The songs are so well written as is the script.  A must see Musical.' Izabella Steyger, University Student


'Blimming brilliant!' Chris Jury, Actor-Writer


'Really enjoyed it.' Josie Lawrence, Comedienne


'Great stuff, loved it.  Would come see it again and better than a show I've just seen at the National Theatre!' Louise Jameson, Actress


'Really cleaver, really moving too.'  Nicola Gibson, TV Director


'As good as 'The Commitments' which I've just seen and 'Rumpy Pumpy!' could easily be on in the West End too.  Reckon it appeals to all ages.' Manda Ridley, Garden Designer


'I can see how 'Rumpy Pumpy!' could be really commercial with its broad appeal.' Nicolas Kullmann, Film Producer


'If you've ever wondered what makes for the perfect brothel, the must-see Musical hit, 'Rumpy Pumpy!' is waiting to supply the answer.  Packed with humour, wit and insights into the world's oldest profession, this show will leave you smiling, tapping your feet and what's more, better informed.' Claire Dewey, Singer-Songwriter


''Rumpy Pumpy!' was a life affirming experience for me as I had more or less given up on acting since becoming more and more disabled. With such a funny and poignant script, I was fuelled to rise to such great writing.' Ria Ulleri, Disabled Actress


'I'm seventy-one and so thrilled to be working on a new show with wonderful songs written by Barbara Jane Mackie.  The show is pitchy, clver, witty, inspiring and inspired with meaty roles for women of all ages – a sympathetic but realistic picture of the the life of working girls.' Marjorie Keyes, Actress


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